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Inspiring Youth to Create Their Own Opportunities

Why Entrepreneurial Skills Are Important

Entrepreneurial skills challenge children to think outside the box, create unique solutions, and become leaders at an early age.  The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to take initiative, solve problems, think critically, make decisions, interact with people confidently and look for opportunities around them. These skills help to increase self-confidence and provide more opportunities in their lives.  

Our Programs Help Kids: 

  • Connect in-class concepts with real-world applications
  • Learn how to solve problems and spot opportunities
  • Understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning 
  • Become responsible with money as they learn the value of money
  • Develop confidence, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills

Discover the world of Entrepreneurship
Brighton helps kids ignite their entrepreneurial spirit!

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About Us

Observing a need to help fill in the gaps for 21st- century skills in the local schools in her area, Candy Perkins funneled her entrepreneurial passion into a platform where students could gain the skills and confidence to pursue productive, fulfilling lives. Brighton is an independent licensed provider of the Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs curriculum.  Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs was created to introduce children to the world of entrepreneurship at an early age, and to teach them important life skills they can apply to any career choice, in any economic environment. 

We aspire to make our programs accessible to children all over the world to help prepare and equip tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs with 21st-century skills.

Mission Statement:  To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in kids and inspire them to think outside the box, solve problems and follow their passions. 

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